Strength Training


Strength session 1
Back squats (can also focus on eccentrics i.e., using loads .concentric 1 repetition maximum)

By Squats.png: Everkineticderivative work: Urutseg (talk) – Squats.png, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Bent-over row

Strength session 2
Split squats

Stiff leg dead lift

Strength session 3

Bench press

Strength session 4



Technical (i.e., learning a new exercise or those that focus on the recruitment of a specific muscle)
and then conditioning (e.g.,medicine ball slams and throw) drills should be performed after workout

Power session 1
Low load power clean (60–80% 1 repetitionmaximum; focus on high velocity)

Power session 2
High load power clean (.80% 1repetition maximum)

Power session 3
Split snatcha 

Power session 4
Jump squats

Plyometrics should be performed after workout. Example drills include box jumps, drop lands, drop jumps, and single-leg and lateral versions of each.
After this, metabolic conditioning can be performed using the 2-4-2 drills and focusing on using thereverse stance, fencers should change their lead leg to help reduce imbalances

Train both sides i.e., don’t always land dominant leg forward.

Power = 4 sets x 3 repetitions at various loads;
strength = 4 sets x 4 repetitions at 4–5 repetition maximum loads

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